Premium Tall Bourbon Toasting Box (Item # 319)

( Item in stock! )The Bourbon Toasting Box is unique to Taste of Bourbon
This is the perfect gift for the Whiskey connoisseur. 

This Toasting Box includes two customized glasses and can hold numerous premium Bourbons:

Including Basil Hayden, Baker's, Booker's, Noah's Mill, Rowan Creek, Jim Beam Black, Devil's Cut, Evan Williams, Wild Turkey 101, Four Roses Yellow Label, and Johnny Walker Red & Black.
The lid and glasses can be personalized with your logo, name,  initials, etc.
Please email for customization.

Sorry, the bottle of Kentucky Bourbon is not included!
The photo depicts the various bottles that this specific box will accommodate.
The Bourbon is not included with the price of the Toasting Box.

Premium Tall Bourbon Toasting Box

Additional Images:

List Price : $150.00
Our Price : $125.00  ea
You Save : $25.00 (17%)


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